Compound Interests Sequence Prediction

Set parameters

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Iterations Val. @@V_i \%@@ Invest. @@I_i@@ Com. @@C_i \%@@ Delay @@\delta_i@@ Rate @@R_i \%@@ Divis. @@D_i@@ Row @@k@@ Int. @@J_k@@ Del. @@J'_k@@ Tot. i. @@T_k@@ Am. @@A_k@@ Profit @@P_k@@

Complete results

@@k@@ Int. @@J_k@@ Del. @@J'_k@@ Tot. i. @@T_k@@ Am. @@A_k@@ Profit @@P_k@@


The table on the top of the page sets all parameters for the computation and also display short results. (Put mouse pointer on some elements to see corresponding tooltip.) The first row defines the initial investment @@I_0@@. Each next row defines a succession of a given number of iterations. For each iteration @@k@@, the previous amount @@A_{k-1}@@ is added by a constant new investment @@I_k@@ and by the compound percentage @@C_k@@ of the interest computed on a previous amount @@J_{k-\delta_k} = A_{k-1-\delta_k} \frac{R_{k-\delta_k}}{100 D_{k-\delta_k}}@@ (with an eventual delay of @@\delta_k@@ iterations).


Formulas to compute directly the result after @@k@@ iterations under some circumstances

For starting amount @@\alpha \in \mathbb{R}@@, rate @@\tau \in \mathbb{R}@@ and number of iterations @@k \in \mathbb{N}@@.


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