cpprisc16  January 4, 2019
cpprisc16 Directory Reference


file  assert.hpp [code]
 Helper assertions.
file  cppextendedrisc16.cpp [code]
 Extended instructions set.
file  cppextendedrisc16.hpp [code]
 Extended instructions set: some extra operations x_* implemented with RiSC16.
file  cppis1.cpp [code]
 Additional Instructions Set 1 IS[1].
file  cppis1.hpp [code]
 Additional Instructions Set 1 IS[1]: 8 new instructions is1_* and 1 instruction modified is1_add.
file  cppis2.cpp [code]
 Additional Instructions Set 2 IS[2].
file  cppis2.hpp [code]
 Additional Instructions Set 2 IS[2]: 8 new instructions is2_* and 1 instruction modified is2_add.
file  cpprisc16.cpp [code]
 Instructions set of RiSC16.
file  cpprisc16.hpp [code]
 Instructions set of RiSC16: 8 instructions i_* and 4 pseudo-instructions p_*.