[Fitmint] Fitmint earnings estimates

Fitmint earnings estimates

⚠️ These estimations are based on the old Durability logic. Since November 19, Fitmint uses a new logic. So the estimations are probably wrong.
@@P@@ Total @@P + D =@@
@@D@@ ratio @@\frac{P}{D} =@@
@@S = \frac{60\,L}{E}@@ km/h
Distance @@L = \frac{S\,E}{60}@@ km
@@E@@ =
Health lost @@h = \dots@@
Gross earning @@g = \dots@@ FITT= MATIC= $=
Repair cost @@r = \dots@@ FITT= MATIC= $=
Net earning by day @@n = g - r@@ FITT= MATIC= $=
Repair cost / Gross earning @@\frac{r}{g}@@ %
Net earning by week @@7\,n@@ FITT= MATIC= $=
Net earning by month @@30.5\,n@@ FITT= MATIC= $=
Net earning by year @@365\,n@@ FITT= MATIC= $=
Larger screen displays more information.
  • @@h = \lceil 1.135178\,(\frac{S^{0.3028}}{D})^{0.5898}\,E\rceil@@
  • @@g = 0.23754\,P^{0.92135}\,S^{0.3028}\,E@@
  • @@r = 0.0568\,P^{0.8957}\,D^{0.5998}\,h@@

⚠️ Initial formulas established by Flotaq and the Fitmint community. (ref)

⚠️ Also notice that amounts on week, month and year are computed with the current price. It is not a prediction.
ℹ️ Coin prices come from CoinGecko.